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Contributions to Camp Whitsett

Items that the FoCW helped fund through contributions raised as part of our ongoing programs and direct contributions to the FoCW.

Thank you everyone who has helped us achieve our goals.

  • 2014

    Major upgrade of the Blackfoot Shower Facility
    Continue Waterfront Renovation
    Additions to the Wolverton-Robbins Nature Lodge
    Construction of Activity Sheds in several Program Areas

  • 2013

    The New Wolverton-Robbins Nature Lodge
    Continue Waterfront Renovation

  • 2012

    Waterfront Renovation
    Misc. Program Area items

  • 2011

    Rifle range extension
    Staff bathrooms renovation assist
    Leather stamps
    Rifle cleaning kits
    Waterfront additions
    Feldman training center updates
    2011 staff Christmas banquet

  • 2010

    Ten bow-limb sets for Archery
    Help with dock carpeting

  • 2009

    Aluminum Tent platforms in Campsites

  • 2008

    Staff lounge furnishings including Ben bags

  • 2007

    Sailboat for waterfront
    2nd kiln

  • 2006

    Various Supplies and Items for Program Areas

  • 2005

    Handicraft benches, equipment & supplies
    Pottery Kiln

  • 2004

    Business office – file cabinet
    Archery Equipment

  • 2003

    Campfire Circle renovation
    Additional ice cream machines
    Hot fudge machine for staff

  • 2002

    New patch collection display
    Flagpoles flanking central pole
    Microscope, TV/VCR, Weather Station, Books, Video Tapes, and other display & instructional materials – Nature Lodge

  • 2001

    Headdress for OA program
    Dutch ovens
    Ice cream makers

  • 1996-2000

    Fund Raising activities for the new Nature Lodge
    Various items for Camp Program and Staff